DONUM combines old world craftsmanship with new world style to create game-changing luxury footwear.

The Oxford

This classic shoe style originated in England and is now a worldwide symbol of elegance and good taste. While the Oxford can be found with a wide array of details, colors and finishes, its distinguishing features remain the same—a low heel, a closed lacing system and an exposed ankle.

DONUM salutes the classic brogue with the posh, clean-lined simplicity of THE GRAND, the classic elegance of THE ROYCE, and the well-traveled sophistication of THE JET.

The Grand | The Royce | The Jet

The Monk

The laceless charm and versatility of the Monk have guaranteed it a place in the wardrobes of the world’s best dressed men. Its unique strap and enclosed buckle lend it durability and a distinctive profile that will blend seamlessly with any ensemble. At home at a big meeting or at a weekend brunch with friends.

DONUM offers two interpretations of the Monk—THE CHAP’s double strap swagger and THE BLOKE’s effortless cool.

The Chap | The Bloke

Derby Shoes: The Smooth | DONUM Men's Footwear & Accessories

The Derby

A shoe for the man who never settles. With the DONUM Derby, it’s the details that set your pair apart—perfect stitching, the finest leather, a perfect balance of classic elegance and forward thinking style.

Our Derby is THE SMOOTH, designed to seamlessly enhance any wardrobe with unforgettable charm.

The Smooth

Loafer Shoes: The Mint | DONUM Men's Footwear & Accessories

The Loafer

This beloved shoe has a long history in gentlemen’s fashion. It has been a favorite of moguls, fashion designers, and even a duke. The recognizably laceless, slip-on is as elegant as it is versatile and serves as a wordless confirmation of the wearer’s easy-going confidence.

THE MINT, our luxe Loafer, is the ultimate eye candy to complete your look.

The Mint

Chelsea Boot: The Highball | DONUM Men's Footwear & Accessories

The Chelsea Boot

Nothing says fashionably cool quite like the Chelsea boot. The modish personality of this streamlined ankle-length style is a favorite of celebrities and style setters and can be worn with jeans or a tailored suit for a powerful impression.

THE HIGHBALL is DONUM’s crisp take on this popular style.

The Highball

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