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DONUM Construction — Expert Craftsmanship

DONUM footwear and accessories are made in the Italian tradition, in our state-of-the-art Colombian factory, with the utmost attention to detail, using the finest materials and construction techniques.

The final look is achieved by hand painting every pair of shoes and applying Italian Patinas to ensure that each pair is uniquely beautiful.

Using only the finest Italian calfskin and suede leathers, our skins are selected from the highest quality lots and tanned using the chrome tanning technique resulting in softer, suppler leather that is highly stable and more durable than vegetable tanned leather.

We examine all the leathers and linings by hand, selecting the best placement on each skin for the positioning and cutting of the pieces that will eventually form the upper. This results in higher consumption of leather per pair, but ensures that the upper is of the absolute best in quality and appearance.

The correct last is imperative for both the comfort and look of the shoe. DONUM has invested the time and effort to deliver the comfort and style that clients demand, working with Italian expert craftsmen to develop the perfect last where the elegance and power of the form are naturally aligned with absolute comfort.

DONUM shoes are created by stretching and tacking the upper to the last (form) of the shoe. The upper remains on the last for 10 days, ensuring the proper fit, longevity of shape and integrity of the upper.

We use the Blake construction method, known for its use in the fabrication of high-end shoes, particularly in the Italian tradition. This construction is simpler than a welted construction, with an elegant single row of stitching attaching the insole to the upper and outsole. This allows greater flexibility with fewer layers and less bulk for a cleaner look.

DONUM shoes include a comfortable toe liner as well as a double lining inside the heel counters. Featuring a double cushion under the innersole and cork interlayer, the insole adapts to the wearer creating a very comfortable fit after wearing only a handful of times.

Carefully engineered steel shanks give appropriate support to the bridge of the insole, as we add extra support to the larger sizes in consideration of the height and weight of the wearer, to give special attention to larger, taller bodies.

Raw leather soles and heels are trimmed and beveled to attain the ideal visual lines and thickness. The leather is buffed, colored and toned using non toxic pigments to obtain our signature purple outsole. Steel stacks are used to reinforce the heels and to provide an elegant finish. The “gentleman’s notch” is done to the inside corner of the heels to prevent your heel from getting caught on or snagging your pants’ cuffs; just another detail of a perfectly-made pair of shoes.

One of the most distinguishing attributes of DONUM shoes is our beautiful leather coloration, artfully hand painted by our expert colorists. With evocative shades and tonality, each pair is distinctive and rich with life and character. We use the finest patinas available in our long and intensive polishing process ensuring the final result–each pair is a work of art.

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