Sacrifice Nothing

This represents the expression of our vision: to help you project success without compromise, exceed all expectations, transcend the status quo, rewrite the rules, and express your reality. For people who are all in all the time; who want the best because they want to be the best; DONUM is committed to this level of excellence because you are.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.

We believe in rising every morning with passion, positivity and drive; in facing the day with confidence and style; in stopping at nothing to achieve excellence.

We are the authors of a new world heritage.
We move forward; we forge a new path.
We live our dreams and create our own traditions, taking lessons from the past while building something brilliant for the future.

DONUM combines old world craftsmanship with new world style to create game-changing luxury footwear.

Gladys' Signature | DONUM Men's Footwear & Accessories
Gladys Bolivar | DONUM Men's Footwear & Accessories

DONUM luxury footwear is the ultimate accessory—a new world heritage of style. We are committed to creating hand-tailored solutions with uncompromising quality and fit that allow the wearer to be their personal best.

Our Story

Gladys Bolívar and René Pedraza were inspired to create DONUM luxury footwear to help talented, high-profile individuals express their personal style and swagger. Longtime fans of different sports and with close friendships with professional athletes, Gladys and René were surprised to learn of their struggle to find stylish men’s dress shoes in larger sizes.

Both internationally successful entrepreneurs, Gladys with a background in Fashion Design and René in Engineering, the Colombian duo became inspired to design and manufacture footwear that would comfortably suit a wide range of sizes for their friends in professional sports and celebrity circles. Their combined passions and focus led them to Italy to study the fine art of shoemaking in the country renowned for fashion, design, craftsmanship and technology. Gladys’ devotion for design and self-expression, allows her to create shoes that reflect the status and personality of the wearer. René is keenly focused on manufacturing with the highest standards and unparalleled attention to detail by combining the traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest technologies in software and machinery.

Deeply spiritual people, Gladys and René created DONUM as a way to pay their own blessings forward by creating a platform to help others—with the goal of providing training, valued skills and employment in their native Colombia, while creating footwear that imparts the confidence that comes with wearing an exemplary shoe with superior fit for an underserved market. This is why they chose the name DONUM for the brand, a Latin word that means donation or gift. DONUM’s tattoo-inspired logo represents a permanent, indelible mark that reflects their deeply held values which remain a constant at the center of the brand.

Welcome to DONUM, a new world heritage of style. The perfect way to bring your personality to a power suit or take a casual ensemble to the next level, DONUM luxury footwear is worn by celebrities, athletes and tastemakers around the world.

Discover the new world of DONUM.

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